Have Your Own Website in Two Weeks!

Who Am I

I am a classical musician with a doctorate degree in piano performance. I have designed websites since 2005, first, for myself, then for others. Before I knew it, this became a serious hobby with benefits. With experience, came the realization that many people want to start a website, but do not know how, or cannot afford to hire someone. Another revelation was that many still underestimate the vast reach of internet and the importance of online presence. Social media helps to promote your activities, but can reach much further when linked to your own substantial place online – your website. I am currently based in New York City. Ponchik Designs is the representative name of my secondary vocation, and it will build a website for you in two weeks.



Why have a website?

FOR A PROFESSIONAL – your solid online presence is crucially important.
FOR FUN – you are ready to share something personal with others.
FOR BUSINESS – you want to advertise your services to a wider audience.



No experience is necessary from you.
I provide guidance every step of the way.
A training session after the completion of the project will ensure your comfort in maintaining the site.



As a performer, I understand the needs of artists – especially musicians. Your site will be complete with images, audio and video samples, and any other materials for your press kit. However, creativity comes in many forms, and, if you are an up-and-coming chef in need of a mouth-watering representation, or a small organization wishing to broaden its reach, you also came to the right place!



I am organized in what I do, starting with prompt correspondence about your project, and you may also be, once we set up a deadline and work together! The timing is up to you, but Ponchik Designs could have your site, fresh out of a box, in TWO WEEKS! (No worries, it stays fresh.)



Everyone has their own idea about the aesthetics, and Ponchik Designs can help bring your vision to a wider audience. With endless possibilities, your site can have stunning visual appeal. With your input, the site will be customized to fit your personality and needs.



I believe that unless you are a large corporation, you should not have to spend obscene funds on a website. Ponchik Designs offers different options, all well below the prices you would pay elsewhere. Look through the pricing options and choose the one that suits your needs.