• 1-hour consultation – FREE
  • Domain
    If you do not already have a domain, you will need to choose one and buy it. You can look up domain availability and pricing.  Domains will have to be renewed annually. The prices vary, but on average a domain will cost you about $15 per year.
  • Hosting
    To have your site online, you need to purchase hosting plan. There are many different options, including very cheap ones with hidden fees which accumulate from year to year. I do not recommend choosing the cheapest option, because it will ultimately present you with limitations of what you can have on your site. It will have poor customer support and interruptions in service when you will not be able to access your website.  Here is my suggestion for an affordable host which I use for all of my projects: A Small Orange. Take a look at some other hosting options.

All of the following options include a 1-hour preliminary consultation and a 1-hour training session.

  • Option #1
    This option includes a site with up to 5 pages.
  • Option #2
    This option includes a site with up to 7 pages.
  • Option #3
    This option includes a site with up to 10 pages.
  • Maintenance
    You will learn to maintain your site during our training session. The updates can relate to WordPress and its plugins or any content which you would upload, like images or blog entries.
    For a separate fee, I can maintain your site for a limited time (see A la carte items below)
  • Services a la carte
    ($50 per hour, 30-minute increments)
  • ~ Limited maintenance as required ~ Assistance in uploading new materials to your site ~ Further advice on various aspects of your site’s design and functionality, and other little bits of help while you adjust to your new administrative role ~
  • ~ Coaching session on photo-editing in Photoshop ~ Image optimization for better integration with the web, color adjustments and a tour of basic Photoshop functions ~
  • ~ Preparation of your press kit photos ~ Editing your photos and optimizing them for web ~
  • One-time Update
    This option exists if you want to make significant changes to your site post-completion – such as change major visual components or functionality.


  • 1. Submit the questionnaire.
  • 2. Schedule 1-hour consultation with me (we will discuss the purpose of your site, your needs, preferences and budget options.)
  • 3. Register your domain and hosting if you do not have them already.
  • 4. Submit all materials for the site. This includes images, text, media files.
  • 5. Three periodic payments are due throughout the project. The down payment of 25% is due at this stage. My work will begin once the preceding steps are complete.
  • 6. Within five days after the reception of all the materials and the down payment – you will review the 1st draft. Discuss changes you want to make.
  • 7. Submit 50% of the payment.
  • 8. Within two days – review the 2nd draft. Discuss the final changes.
  • 10. Submit the remaining 25% of the payment.
  • 11. Enjoy your site online!
  • 12. Schedule a 1-hour training session – FREE.