Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need prior experience with websites?

No. However, you might gain a better understanding of what you want if you visit websites in the area of your interest, e.g. sites of musicians, bloggers, artists, etc.

How long would it take from start to finish?

The detailed process is described in Steps – feel free to read through.
Once you submit all materials to me in digital form, I will have the 1st draft to you within 5 days. After that, it depends on the kind of changes you will want for your 2nd draft. I can have your online home ready and furnished within two weeks!

How do I maintain my website?

I offer a 1-hour free training session upon completion of the project. Adding images, text or any other information to your site will become easier for you as you practice doing it during this session. Of course, you are welcome to take notes which will help you to remember certain steps.

Can I make changes after the project is done?

It depends on the kinds of changes you have in mind. For minor updates of WordPress and plugins, you will learn to do it yourself during the training session. I offer limited maintenance on the per-hour basis. For a separate flat fee, I offer to make a one-time substantial update of your site post-completion. Updates of that kind should not happen often, because your site’s visitors get used to a certain appearance. The reason we discuss all your preferences and needs prior to creating the site is so that you and your visitors remain happy with it for a long time!

Who do you make websites for?

Music students, established musicians, music organizations, dancers, writers, bloggers, photographers, chefs.
I also make websites to keep memories of special events, e.g., weddings, memorials, and for singular occasions, such as tutorials, fundraisers, and many others. Please inquire about your particular need to see what I can do for you.

Where do I begin?

Start by looking through various websites and taking notes about particular details you like about them, be it design or content-related. Fill out the questionnaire. This will allow me to get a preliminary idea about what you are looking for.

What do I need for my consultation?

Show up on time!
If you have a laptop, tablet or any kind of computer, bring it with you. I will have mine with me, but you might find it easier to share your ideas on a familiar machine.
Think of basics: your domain name, hosting options (described here), timeline/deadline, budget, your favorite colors, etc. We will work out the rest later!

I have my own images for backgrounds – can you use them?

Sure, I can! If you have the rights to the images, and have them in fairly high resolution, do bring them in.

What do you use to build a website?

I do the basics of the coding in html and css, which allows for a higher degree of customization. Following that, I integrate the code into a WordPress installation, and do the rest of the work within that Content Management System.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Money orders and major credit cards are accepted through PayPal.
Services provided are in US dollars.