Website examples

Once I was introduced to web design in 2005, my fascination with it never stopped. This is was the perfect field where the functionality of coding met with unlimited visual possibilities of styling. My love for drawing led me to Photoshop and Flash software programs, until the latter became less applicable in web development in recent years. I continuously worked on several projects at once, doing my own research and expanding horizons, while trying to keep up with ever-advancing techniques. Among some of my website examples, I built this one for my husband, Bill McNally, in 2011. It was rich in images, including the use of Frank Lloyd Wright’s coasters, and a custom-made background. Feel free to take a look at this screenshot.

A couple of years ago, it was time to update his website, make it responsive and easier to navigate. The term ‘responsive‘ has become relevant in the past few years. What it means is that, no matter what screen size you have, the content will adjust smoothly. For example, a non-responsive site will show up on your mobile screen as it does on a desktop screen, except everything will be miniscule. You would have to zoom in and out, as well as scroll incessantly to be able to read the text. This is the best case scenario with non-responsive sites. The worst would make it look all broken up and missing bits and pieces in combat. So, Coming back to my husband’s new website, it now looks good on all screen sizes and devices, and still reflects his personality.

A wonderful music series in Lynchburg, VA, where I performed as a soloist in the fall of 2014, had virtually no online representation. They kindly agreed to let me fix that situation, and now I manage the site. One of the fun things about this site is that the background and colors correspond with the changing seasons in Virginia which are ever so beautiful.

My friend, Renana Gutman, has been performing around the world for years, and there was no way I was leaving her alone until she acquired her home online. Knowing her and her personality was helpful for me, which emphasizes the importance of your responses on the questionnaire.